Bumper Stickers for Your Phone
Bumper Stickers for Your Phone Vol. 1
$10 Sticker Sheet | Vol. 1
Bumper Stickers for Your Phone Vol. 2
$10 Sticker Sheet | Vol. 2
Bumper Stickers for Your Phone Bundle
$15 Sticker Bundle | Vol. 1 & 2
Kriss and Becki wear stickers on their phones.
Kathryn wears two stickers on her purple phone.
Claire wears three stickers on her white phone.

They're Tiny Bumper Stickers for Your Phone

What makes the perfect bumper sticker? It has to be specific, or it has to be vague. It has to say something funny in ten words or less. Usually something you’d never say in company. But nothing so spicy you risk becoming a road-rage magnet. It’s got to look good, but not so good that it looks new. One bumper sticker on your car says “I may be commuting, but I’m still fun.” Fifty bumper stickers on your car says “engage with driver at your own risk.”

But what if you don’t drive at all?

That’s what bumper stickers for your phone are all about. They’re bumper stickers, but for your phone. Because while bumper stickers are the tweets of the highway, phones are the cars of the mind.

Bumper stickers for your phone are two inches long. Ten come in a single sheet. You can fit at least five stickers on your phone, six if you’ve got one of the big ones. If you want a laugh, you can put one on your car. They also work on computers, bikes, and water bottles, but just to be honest with you: the jokes won’t hit the same. They’re really specific to the phones.




Claire & Jona
Los Angeles, CA
May 2024

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Bumper Stickers for Your Phone™ are available IRL at Tusk in Chicago, Virtua Gallery in Portland, and Wonder Fair in Lawrence, Kansas.

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